417 N. Main St Granite OK 73554

Call our main number for your immediate Healthcare needs.


For your privacy and to ensure your message is appropriately received, please contact us by phone 24/7.  Voice Messaging is available at all times.  Your call will be received and triaged accordingly.  If you do not receive a return call on the business day after your message was left, please call back to inquire.

GFMC does not communicate Private Health Information over any of our Social Media platforms.  They are not monitored 24/7 and you will not receive faster service than calling the clinic directly.   GFMC staff will not communicate through text messaging regarding your medical needs, so please do not attempt to contact staff by this means. 

Centrally Located in SW Oklahoma

Physical Locations:

 Granite, OK  417 N. Main St.

 (4 blocks north on Main from HWY 9)




 Mailing Address:

  PO Box 476

 Granite, OK 73547

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